Zoo news

Arrival of a new female chimpanzee

Tibe, a 20 years-old female Central chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes troglodytes) has just arrived from Barcelona Zoo. This transfer, recommended by the Central chimpanzee EEP, will allow to introduce this breeding female to our group which currently composed of 6 individuals: 3 males (including 2 juveniles) and 3 adult females.

A pair of red-bellied lemurs has arrived at the zoo

More than a hundred species of lemurs are found in Madagascar, of which the vast majority is being threatened with extinction in the short or medium term. Lemurs now hold a sad record: that of the most endangered group of mammals in the world. As part of our mission to conserve endangered species, we have decided to host a new species among the representatives of this highly threatened taxon in the wild that requires from zoos a strong commitment in its conservation.