Your visit

What are the zoo’s opening hours? 

The Zoo de La Palmyre is open all year round, including bank holidays.
9:00am-7:00pm from April 1 to September 30
9:00am-6:00pm from October 1 to March 31.

Where can I park my car? Is parking free? 

The zoo has two large free car parks: the parking P1 (1000 parking spaces) and the parking P2 (450 parking spaces).
Buses and motorhomes have to park on the parking P2 which has spaces for larger vehicles.

Where can I park my bicycle? 

The bicycle parking can be found near the zoo entrance, on the parking P1.

Can I park overnight on the zoo parking lots? 

Vehicles are not allowed to park on the zoo parking lots overnight.

How long does it take to tour the Zoo? 

The park extends over 18 hectares and the visitor circuit is 4,2km. It takes about 4 hours to explore the entire zoo.

Can I leave and come back to the zoo during my visit? 

You can exit and re-enter the zoo provided that you get a hand stamp at the entrance before you leave the park.

How many food outlets can I find inside the zoo? 

There are two food outlets inside the zoo: the bar (hot dogs, sandwiches and crêpes) located at the top of the sea lion bleachers and the crêperie (galettes, salads, desserts…) located close to the Giant otter enclosure.
Cold drink machines and stands of ice-creams are also available in the park.

Is picnic allowed in the park? 

Picnicking is allowed on the benches located along the pathway and on the sea lion and bird bleachers out of presentation times. You can also enjoy a picnic outside the zoo: don’t forget to get a hand stamp as you leave the park so that we will let you back in to carry on with your visit.
Be aware that picnicking is not allowed on the tables of the food outlets.

Is there baby changing or feeding areas? 

A microwave oven is available at the bar to warm up baby feeding bottles or food jars.
A baby changing area is at your disposal next to the lion enclosure, just behind the sea lion bleachers.

Can I rent a stroller at the zoo? 

No, it’s not possible to rent a stroller at the zoo.

Where can I find the zoo shop? 

The zoo gift shop welcomes you nearby the Asian Small-clawed otter enclosure, close to the zoo entrance.
Opening hours:
July/August: 9:00am-7:00pm.
April/May/June/September/October: 10:00am-6:00pm.

Can I visit the zoo by kick scooter, rollerblades, skate-board, bike? 

For safety reasons, the use of kick scooters, rollerblades, skates or bike is not permitted in the park.

Can I take photos at the zoo? 

Photos and videos are allowed provided that you don’t leave the designated visitors’ walkway and stay behind the safety barriers in front of the enclosures. But they can’t be used for commercial purposes.

Are dogs allowed in the zoo? 

For safety reasons, dogs are not allowed in the park.
The shelter “Les amis des bêtes » in Médis takes in dogs for the day (Tel: 05 46 05 47 45).
Do not leave your dog in your car: cars heat up quickly, and this may be fatal for your dog.

Ticketing and accepted payment methods

How do I buy tickets for the zoo? 

Tickets can be bought at the entrance of the park.
Please note that it is not possible to buy tickets on the zoo website.

Where should I go if I already bought my ticket? 

You can hand it over to the people in charge of controlling the tickets at the entrance of the zoo.

What types of payment do you accept? 

The Zoo de La Palmyre accepts cash and credit cards.

What is the expiration date of my ticket? 

Our tickets do not have any expiration date. They can be used whenever you want.

Can I buy an annual pass? 

La Palmyre Zoo annual passes can be purchased at the entrance.
Adult = €57
Child from 3 to 12 = €45

A zoo pass is valid for one year from date of processing. Make sure to bring an ID photo.


Is the zoo accessible to people with limited mobility? 

The Zoo de La Palmyre is accessible to people with reduced mobility.
Be aware that the zoo covers 18ha and is located
on hilly terrain with some important drops. Visitors in non-motorized wheel-chairs will need the assistance of an accompanying carer.

Where are the parking places for visitors with reduced mobility? 

Parking spaces for visitors with reduced mobility are located on the parking lot P1, in the immediate vicinity to the entrance of the zoo.

Does the zoo have wheelchair rentals? 

The zoo doesn’t have wheelchairs for rent but wheelchairs can be rented at the drugstore in La Palmyre: (0033) 546 224 082.

Are there any discount offered for people with disabilities? 

For disabled visitors with justification (disability card or Mobility Inclusion Card/CMI) a price reduction is granted.
Adult = €16

Child aged 3-12 = €12

Our animals

Which animals can I see at the Zoo de La Palmyre? 

The Zoo de La Palmyre hosts more than 1600 animals of 110 different species.
Click here to discover our animal list.

Where do the animals of La Palmyre Zoo come from? 

Many of our animals were born at the zoo: we record between 200 and 250 births each year!
Others come from French and foreign zoological parks.

Do you have a nursery where the animals are raised? 

We have two buildings where animals are sometimes raised.

The first building exclusively houses small mammals and only when their mother in unable to raise them or if their life is threatened for health reasons. In that case, they are raised by keepers but go back to their family group as soon as they can. Thanks to the progress of zoos in animal care and welfare, nursery breeding is becoming rarer. We promote natural breeding within the family groups so that the youngsters can learn all the codes and behaviors of their species.

The second building is used for breeding some bird species. We regularly collect eggs and put them in incubators. Then the keepers raise the chicks by hand until they're able to feed by themselves. In the end, the birds are reintroduced in their colony. Some ibises and parrots join the bird presentations where they start to be trained by the keepers.

Can I see the animals during winter times? 

The mild climate of the Charente-Maritime allows most of our animals to go out all year round. The primates, which are more sensitive to cold temperatures, usually stay in their indoor enclosures during winter.

Animals that do not go out can be seen indoors with the exception of the elephants: their building isn’t accessible to the public and in case of extreme cold weather, they may not be visible.

Can I feed the animals of the zoo? 

For health and safety reasons, any personal food items for the animals are prohibited.
You can give corn to the giraffes, zebras, ostriches and antilopes. Corn is being sold at the entrance and in the zoo shop.
But it is strictly prohibited to feed the primates with corn for health reasons and to avoid conflicts between the animals.
You can also feed the goats with the hay pellets sold on the booth located close to their enclosure.

How is the Zoo de La Palmyre funded? 

The Zoo de La Palmyre is a private zoological park. Visitor ticket sales are our only source of funding.

Our research activities benefit from the Research Tax Credit.

Working at the zoo

Does the zoo recruit seasonal animal keepers? 

The Zoo de La Palmyre does not employ seasonal animal keepers. All our animal keepers have year-round position with the zoo.

How do I apply? 

You can send your application (CV and cover letter) to:
Zoo de La Palmyre
6 Avenue de Royan
17570 Les Mathes
Or by email:

Does the zoo offer internships? 

The Zoo de La Palmyre offers mainly veterinary and ethology internships. 9th grade students are sometimes accepted but in very limited numbers given the large number of internship requests we receive.

Does the zoo offer work-study contracts or apprenticeship? 

The Zoo de La Palmyre occasionally offers work-study or apprenticeship contracts, depending on the needs of the different departments.