• Anesthésie d'un lémur aux yeux turquoise au Zoo de La Palmyre

    Fertily control of the Blue-eyed lemurs

    This week we welcomed a team from the Leibniz-IZW*, a research institute located in Berlin and specialized in reproductive biology, who came to help us control the fertility of our Blue-eyed lemurs.
  • Cercopithèque de Hamlyn né au Zoo de La Palmyre

    Birth of an Owl-faced monkey

    Here are the first pictures of the baby Owl-faced monkey born a couple of weeks ago. This is the third infant of our 10-year-old female who was transferred to the zoo in 2017.
  • Mandrill au Zoo de La Palmyre

    Birth of a Mandrill

    Here are some pictures of the baby mandrill born only a month ago, bringing the number of individuals in our group to 16!
  • Les Pripris de Yiyi en Guyane gérés par la SEPANGUY

    Protecting the Giant otter in Guyana

    A few months ago, Palmyre Conservation started to fund the conservation of giant otters in the Pripris of Yiyi in Guyana.
  • Femelle gibbon lar et son petit au Zoo de La Palmyre

    Birth of a Lar Gibbon

    A little over a month ago, our female Lar Gibbon gave birth to her first offspring. This is the very first offspring of this gibbon pair that we formed 18 months ago.
  • Sunset on the rainforest of the Kinabatangan in Bornéo

    The website of Palmyre Conservation is online!

    Last year, we created our endowment fund, Palmyre Conservation, to strengthen our action to protect endangered wildlife species and their natural habitats.