Zoo news

Birth of red-ruffed lemur triplets!

There have been a whole host of lemur births at the zoo! We’re in the heart of the birthing season for the species whose females give birth in autumn in Madagascar. Since the seasons are being reversed in the northern hemisphere, these births occur in spring in European zoos.
After the 4 ring-tailed lemurs born in early March, we recorded the birth of red-ruffed lemur (Varecia rubra) triplets three weeks ago.

Birth of 4 ring-tailed lemurs!

We recorded the birth of 4 ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) in our breeding group!
Three of our five females gave birth to 4 youngsters (including twins) within days between March 3 and March 12. The sex of the babies hasn’t yet been identified by the keepers but all the youngsters are doing fine.

Birth of a colobus monkey

Our family of colobus monkey (Colobus guereza) has recorded a birth on February 14, bringing to 6 the number of individuals housed at the zoo. The female and her young are doing well but the sex of the baby is still unknown.