• Class
  • Order
  • Familly
  • Zoo la Palmyre, taille animal
    12–19cm wing span
  • Zoo la Palmyre, poids animal
  • Zoo la Palmyre, durée gestation animal
    about 4 months
  • Zoo la Palmyre, naissances animal
  • Zoo la Palmyre, longévité animal
    up to 25 years in zoos
  • Diet
    frugivorous (fruits, flowers, pollen...)
  • Habitat
    savannah, forest, caves, ruins...
  • Range
    west, south and east Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Arabian Peninsula, Palestine, Syria, Cyprus
  • Population in the wild
  • IUCN REDLIST status
    zoo palmyre statut icun LC zoo palmyre statut icun LC

This species lives in colonies of up to several thousand bats. During the day, Egyptian Fruit Bat rest in dark caves or ruins, or sometimes in trees. At the end of the afternoon they head out in search of ripe fruit, their favourite food.
Their vision and sense of smell are extremely strong. To find their way in the dark, they use both sight and echo-location (making clicking sounds with their tongue).
Egyptian Fruit Bats are killed for their meat or because they destroy crops, but they are not endangered for the moment given their large range and high numbers.

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