• Class
  • Order
  • Familly
  • Zoo la Palmyre, taille animal
  • Zoo la Palmyre, poids animal
  • Zoo la Palmyre, durée gestation animal
    4½ months
  • Zoo la Palmyre, naissances animal
  • Zoo la Palmyre, longévité animal
    up to 15 years in zoos
  • Diet
    omnivorous (gum, invertebrates, occasionally fruits)
  • Habitat
  • Range
    Amazon Basin (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia)
  • This species is part of a European Breeding Program
  • Population in the wild
    En diminution
  • IUCN REDLIST status
    zoo palmyre statut icun VU zoo palmyre statut icun VU

Pigmy Marmosets are the smallest primates. Newborns weigh only about 15g and measure less than 6cm.
They eat mainly insects and sap/gum that they extract from trees and creepers. Using their incisors, they create holes 1–2cm wide and 1cm deep in the bark of trees to stimulate the flow of gum.
In the 1970s, Pigmy Marmosets were intensively hunted for the illegal pet trade, which led to them being listed in Annexe 1 of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). The trade in Pigmy Marmosets remains tightly regulated, although they are no longer listed in Annexe 1 as they are not longer endangered as a whole.

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