Birth of four fennec foxes

On May 14, four adorable fennec foxes (Vulpes zerda) were added to the already long list of births recorded at the zoo since the beginning of the year. For now the quadruplets spend most of their time in the den but the tip of their gigantic ears can be seen outside in early morning. They are weighing between 415 and 455 grams.

La Palmyre regularly breeds fennec foxes. Like cheetahs, the development of the litters is closely monitored during the first weeks. The keeper makes a visual check of the newborns inside the den once a day. The vet comes into the enclosure 15 days after the birth in order to worm and weigh the babies who will be then wormed twice a month after that. Each exam has to be quick, the species being particularly timid and sensitive. The adults are closed inside the building or kept at bay with a dip net as they vigorously defend their offspring!

The fennec fox is a small canid living in the Sahara Desert and northern Sahel. Although its numbers are not precisely evaluated, the species isn't threatened yet. But fennec foxes are hunted for commercial purposes or for their skin or to be sold as pets. What they are not.