Successful transfer for Bangui!

A couple of weeks ago, Bangui, our 9 years-old gorilla, was leaving us to join Dublin Zoo in Ireland.

One of his keeper travelled with him, as with any transfer involving gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees or bonobos. Indeed, the keeper serves as a referring person for the transferred individual: he ensures that everything goes well during the trip, reassures the animal, provides food and drink and checks its overall condition.

Once arrived at destination, the keeper also has to give his colleagues from abroad information about the ape’s personality, its diet and its general behavior. The presence of the keeper secures the animal when it has to go out from its transport crate and allows a smooth transition with the new team.

In Bangui’s case, the journey was very peaceful. He wasn’t anxious and ate normally. The unloading was carried out very smoothly and barely two hours after his arrival, he was already in protected contact with the troop of Dublin!

Watch the videos below to see Bangui’s transfer to Dublin Zoo.