Spring baby boom for our marmosets and tamarins!

In the past few weeks, births have followed one another in the marmosets and tamarins’ section. No less than 5 new babies in three different species have been recorded since the beginning of April!

First of all, our Geoffroy's marmoset group gave birth to twins on April 6th. Then our golden lion tamarins also gave birth to twins 8 days later. Finally, a Goeldi’s monkey was born on April 24th, that is to say just a few days ago.

Geoffroy's marmoset and golden lion tamarin twins firmly cling to the hairs of their family members who carry them alternately, their mother only holding them for suckling. The baby Goeldi’s monkey is the only one exclusively carried by his mother for now: the other members of the group will be allowed to carry it within ten days. It is not easy to spot those babies whose hairs merge with those of the adults. The golden lion tamarins can more easily be spotted because their bright yellow coat stands out particularly well on the one, more orange, of the adults.

Even though the level of threats to these three species is different in the wild, all of them are victims of habitat destruction and fragmentation related to deforestation, mining, new agricultural land expansion and development projects. Hence the importance of ensuring the sustainability of these endangered species in breeding programs managed by European zoos.