A red-ruffed lemur on his way to Madagascar soon!

One of our young male red-ruffed lemur (Varecia rubra) born in 2014 and named Ikoto was transferred to Paris Zoo as part of a recommendation from the European Breeding Program for this species. There, he met Rebecca, a female that has arrived in early July from Dublin Zoo.

Identification control of the individual about to be transferred.

The lemur is put into the transport crate.

Ready to go to Paris Zoo!

The two lemurs will spend about thirty days in quarantine in Paris before flying to Madagascar where they will form the first breeding pair of red-ruffed lemurs in Lemuria Land, a zoological park located in Nosy Be Island. The objective is to start a breeding program in Madagascar to prepare future reintroductions in the geographical range of this critically endangered species listed among the 25 world’s most endangered primates. Red-ruffed lemurs are indeed severely threatened by habitat destruction and hunting.
Following the recommendation of the EEP, La Palmyre Zoo has donated an male born in its premises with interesting gene-lines. In the same time, it started the funding of the conservation program in Madagascar, including a preliminary study of the release site that would be used in the future. Located in the Farankaraina forest, in the heart of Antongil Bay which, together with the Masoala peninsula, constitute the global geographical range of red-ruffed lemurs, it covers 1,450 hectares of which 150 are now protected. This study aims to assess the density and the distribution of lemurs and other mammals, the habitat quality and use, as well as the food resources availability.
This conservation program is important because:
- it improves the management of the captive population of red-ruffed lemurs in Europe by creating an ex situ breeding program in the country of origin of the species;
- it should ensure the long-term conservation of one of the world’s rarest primate by reinforcing its global wild population.
We will keep you informed about Ikoto and Rebecca’s fantastic journey to Madagascar so stay tuned!
F. Perroux