A new polar bear has arrived

Vienna, a 28-years old female, was transferred from Rostock Zoo (Germany) to La Palmyre in early November following a recommendation of the polar bear EEP. Rostock Zoo has indeed started the construction of a new enclosure for its polar bears and Vienna will return after the construction is completed.
After a safe transport and unloading, Vienna had to be maintained in quarantine inside the polar bear building for 2 weeks as she needed to be dewormed. She also has a leg injury that occurred in Rostock after she was attacked by the male. Treated by the team of Rostock before she leaves and by our vet after she has arrived, it is improving but prevents her from putting properly her foot on the ground.

She was allowed to go outside at the end of last week and seemed to enjoy her first bath. She should be put with our resident female very soon, while our male took up his winter quarters in the enclosure located behind the lions.

To be continued…