Introduction of a new gorilla female - Part. 5

After several weeks spent in the indoor enclosure to make the introduction between the different individuals and to allow Naomi to gradually adapt to her new environment, our group of gorillas is now enjoying its outdoor enclosure on a daily basis.
The relationships within the group have stabilized but Naomi keeps her distance from the two other females: a classic situation among gorillas, the females having little contact between each other. There’s also a hierarchy among female gorillas, the last added into the group being the most dominated.

Adult males always dominate the females and Naomi remains therefore rather cautious with the silverback, a predictable reaction. In addition, each gorilla has its own personality, that’s why the integration process can take a while.
Our 2-year-old male would like to get to know Naomi better and never stops trying to get closer, as seen in the video below recorded during the troop’s first day outside.