Contact with the group has started for our blue-eyed lemur youngster

The young blue-eyed lemur female (Eulemur flavifrons) born in April is progressively put in contact with the rest of her group.
Raised in the zoo nursery because of her weight considered too low to guarantee her survival, she now enjoys daily contacts with her parents and brother under the systematic supervision of the keepers who could quickly separate the individuals in case tensions arise.
Many affiliated behaviors with her father have been observed, including mutual grooming. Her brother and her mother are more distant but show no aggressive behavior towards her. The contact cage that was put inside the parent’s cage allowed all the individuals to get used with each other’s odors, behaviors and vocalizations. The young female also uses the cage as a refuge when she is worried or if the other group members put a little too much pressure on her: she’s indeed to only one able to go through the access door.
Even if this protocol will last a few more weeks to avoid taking any unnecessary risk, this is a very promising start.
Florence Perroux