Birth of Red-ruffed triplets

After giving birth to twins last year, our female Red-ruffed lemur Demie has just given birth to triplets! This is the third time that we record the birth of triplets in this group.

The 12-year-old female has already raised many babies. She is an excellent mother with a strong personality as well as very protective towards her youngsters.

Demie gave birth inside the building, in the nest that had been prepared by the keeper for the birth. Indeed, Ruffed lemurs keep their babies in a nest, unlike other lemur species whose babies cling to their mother's fur as soon as they are born. When they want to move their babies, the females carry them in their mouth before dropping them off somewhere else. Very quickly however, the babies are very active and jump all over the place.

The sex of the babies has not yet been determined. The vets will need to carry out a careful examination within several weeks. They will take this opportunity to put an identification microchip to each of them.

The Red-ruffed lemur is an extremely endangered species in Madagascar: classified as Critically endangered by the IUCN, it suffers from deforestation and poaching for its meat.
La Palmyre Zoo finances its conservation in northeastern Madagascar by supporting the action of the GERP and the NGO Antongil Conservation, which move individuals isolated in small patches of forests to protected areas. The European Breeding Program for the species also plans to proceed to future reintroductions in these now unspoiled areas.