Arrival of a new female gorilla

There was quite a lot of stress and excitement in the great apes building during these last few days as a new gorilla female has just been transferred from Kolmården Zoo in Sweden. This movement had been recommended by the Western Lowland Gorilla Breeding Program as part of the management of the European captive population of this species.

After a twenty-hour ride and a safely crossing of the Paris region despite last week's very bad weather, Naomi, a 24-year-old western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla), was unloaded in one of the sleeping quarter of our ape building, alongside our gorilla group.

A gorilla keeper from Kolmården travelled with the female to reassure her and ensure a smooth transition with the new team. Transfers are indeed an important upheaval not only for newcomers, but also for the resident animals. Everyone must feel confident enough to adapt to this new situation.

The first contacts of the new female with our keepers were very positive, as shown in the video below. Her introduction within our group will be carried out step by step in the coming days and weeks, depending on the behaviors and attitudes from each of the gorilla.

To be continued…

Florence Perroux