J.A.C.K. Chimp Sanctuary (Jeunes Animaux Confisqués au Katanga) was created by Franck and Roxane Chantereau in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, in order to rescue orphan chimpanzees victims of the illegal wildlife trade.
This great ape is experiencing a dramatic decline throughout its range due to the destruction of its habitat, but also and most importantly, due to poaching for bushmeat and the traffic of living animals.
The Congolese Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, Nature and Tourism (MECNT) seizes the chimpanzees that are illegally kept by people and entrusts them to J.A.C.K.
The sanctuary provides care to the orphans in a safe and healthy environment. Then it integrates them into social groups where they can re-learn the behavioral codes of their species, with the long-term objective to release them in a protected area, following protocols already successfully implemented by other African sanctuaries.
J.A.C.K. has also built an education center where schoolchildren and visitors can learn about the chimpanzees, why they are threatened and how they can protect them.
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