Conservation Planning Specialist Group

This international organisation was set up in 1979 to foster collaboration beween specialists in endangered species conservation in zoos and in the wild, and in doing so improve the overall effiency of conservation measures.
Now embracing a network of several hundred conservation professionals, it encourages the exchange of information in order to produce action plans and promote international conservation partnerships.

To this end, it makes various tools available to its members and its network: workshops focusing on finding solutions to specific problems through the study of solid scientific data, sophisticated software that can help manage biodiversity (the Vortex system simulating a species’ demographic growth dynamic; the PMx system analysing a population from a demographic and genetic point of view to facilitate its management; the Outbreak system simulating the spread of infectious diseases…) as well as training in conservation techniques (modelling, the management of populations in captivity and in the wild, IT…).

Zoo de La Palmyre has been a member of the CPSG since 2008.